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Our cutting-edge platform that unlocks your students career potential by providing AI-based interview prep and personalized feedback

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Chosen by the Elite: Why Top B-Schools Trust Eve

Eve is a AI-powered platform that simulates real interview to train students in their specific domain placement preparation

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Who Benefits from Eve?

Transform Your Career Potential in Just 60 Minutes a Day!

Students and Graduates

  • Jumpstart Your Placement Preparation
  • Learn in-depth interview tips and strategies for success
  • Discover and solidify your future goals
  • Stay ahead with crucial industry insights

MBA and PGDM Students

  • Stay ahead with advanced prep strategies
  • Access exclusive reports for in-depth understanding
  • Make informed choices about your future
  • Utilize the benefits of resume builders, Mental Math training, and more

What Top-Tier Students Say About Eve

Science Behind Eve

Practice 1 hour everyday and reflect

The 80/20 Rule

  • Maximize Efficiency: Focus on the critical 20% of tasks that yield 80% of the results
  • Perform Under Pressure: Prioritize essential information to excel in high-stakes situations
  • Streamline Efforts for Success: Make better decisions and achieve outstanding results by concentrating on key tasks

Spaced Learning

  • Enhance Memory Retention: Revisit information at spaced intervals for better retention
  • 2R Framework: Repetition and Reflection equal Retention. Reinforce neural connections and deepen understanding
  • Promote Mastery: Combine repetition with reflection to fully comprehend and retain material, ensuring long-term application and success

Applied Practice

  • Bridge Theory and Practice: Apply theoretical knowledge through real-world scenarios
  • Develop Critical Skills: Enhance understanding, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities
  • Prepare for Success: Integrate hands-on activities in education and training to improve learning experiences and professional readiness
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